Lyricist, Visionary, Music Snob

There are many that apply, but there are few that are chosen. Dres from the group Black Sheep has not only penned and delivered staples in the genre (Flavor Of The Month, The Choice Is Yours), he continues to further implement what Pool Of Genius would call, The Golden Standard.


Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Musician

Continuing legacy by breaking barriers, Alexander Simone (Grandson of Nina) is soulfully rearranging the sonic terrain that is popular music.  He and his band are the epitome of the word "Yes".  His compositional and vocal abilities will leave you in joyous awe.


Super Duper Duo

Pairing A Tribe Called Quest member, Jarobi, with Black Sheep member, Dres is to Hip Hop what peanut butter and jelly is to the next 10 year old you see.  After the release of their utterly stellar debut album "Speed Of Life", the emcee cousins are preparing a new platter for the 2018 need.  Stay tuned!!

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